Cow care and comfort are number one considerations for us. One area of particular importance to us is the humane treatment of our cows. We may be a large farm, but we’re a family farm, too. We treat our animals extraordinarily well, keeping them clean and comfortable whether at work in the milking parlor or relaxing in a stall. Take the hot, summer months for instance. Our barns have cooling misters and industrial sized fans, as does the milking parlor. The sides of the barns can be open in summer, blocking the sun, yet promoting air movement.


Our barns are equipped with automatic manure removal systems, to keep the cows and their stalls clean. Our full-time cow comfort specialist regularly cleans any wet material from stalls. We even have a special machine that fluffs the bedding to keep it soft and dry and to control bacteria growth. We’ll add bedding when necessary to ensure continued comfort.

Some of our barns even have automatic cow brushes that clean and massage the animal’s hide, releasing accumulated dirt that can harbor harmful parasites. The cows have free access to this device, and they can literally operate it by themselves!

Of course, we maintain a vaccination schedule, just like you would for your own child. We also perform preventative hoof trimming. And our fly control program promotes insect-free buildings.


You might get the impression our dairy farm doubles as a luxury resort for cows – we think the cows would agree!

CharlieCow Care