Running a Wisconsin dairy with 1800 cows sounds like a lot of work – but only because it is! Fortunately for us, being a family dairy business dedicated to producing amazing milk for gourmet cheese means truly loving what we do every day. Also, we’ve got some great systems and technology to lend a hand.

Take a moment to discover the many ways this fifth-generation dairy:

  • treats its cows like royalty
  • develops the best milk in the state
  • converts manure into byproducts that will surprise you
  • complies with government regulations
  • and takes care of the environment for future generations

Your visit to Clover Hill Dairy may begin online, but we hope you decide to schedule an actual visit in the future. We’d welcome the opportunity to show you around.

Our History.

Our dairy farm has been family owned since the early 1900’s, when Ervin Bonlender and his wife, Margaret, entered the milk business by purchasing the farm from Margaret’s…
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By the numbers

  • Number of Cows1800
  • Number of Replacement Cattle1400
  • Acres We Own1600
  • Acres We Farm3670
  • Employees28
  • Economic Impact(sales), per Cow$21,000
  • Total Economic impact for Our state$37.8mm

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