Clover Hill Dairy Heifer Facility

As the future members of our milking herd, our heifers are just as important to us as our mature cows, so at our special heifer facility, we treat our heifers just as well.


In 2012, the facility received a major remodel. In the past, all the heifers were on pastures, all year long. While we loved the concept of grazing, we wanted to make the facility more comfortable for the animals and easier for us to manage. One of the changes we made was adding a barn with group housing and free stalls. Now the young heifers enjoy all of the same comforts as the older generations including clean comfortable free stalls, temperature controlled environment with fans and plenty of air movement, and shelter from the sun, snow, and rain. We even kept some of the pastures for them, so they could enjoy the outdoors during the summer and fall months!


With our environment in mind, we also added manure storage as part of the remodel process. The manure storage allows us to capture the manure and use the nutrients one the surrounding fields as a fertilizer source.

CharlieClover Hill Dairy Heifer Facility