Managing healthy soils

Did you know there are more microbes in a teaspoon of soil than there are people on earth? Like a human being, soil is a living organism, and many factors influence it’s health.

These microbes need to be maintained in order to perform to at their best. One the best things we do to promote the health of our soil microbes is applying manure as a nutrient source. Manure adds organic matter to the soil, which encourages microbial population and increases the soil’s water holding capacity. One of the many tell-tale signs of a healthy soil is a generous population of earth worms. Worms eat organic matter and turn it into available nutrients that plants take up as a food source.

Clover hill Dairy treats our soil as the backbone and most important asset of the business. We are committed to passing the soil to the next generation in better shape than we received it.

CharlieManaging healthy soils