Owner, Cropping Specialist

The youngest owner on the Clover Hill Dairy farm is a graduate of Fox Valley Technical College, where he studied agribusiness and science technology. As with many people, Brett acknowledges the real schooling began when he started to work on the farm full time. Brett puts this specialized knowledge to good use, whether it’s to improve our animal nutrition regimen or boost crop production. He and Sara work closely together on government regulations to ensure the farm stays in compliance.

Brett likes the variety of work, noting that each day presents new experiences. He continually looks beyond the horizon, thinking about what more the business can become in the future, and how to work smarter, not harder. That, combined with his ability to help make decisions affecting the success of the dairy, makes him appreciate the fact that there is no ceiling on how good he can be or where the business can go from here.

   Getting Personal

A lifelong native of Campbellsport, Brett enjoys traveling to warmer climates, golfing and boating. In the fall of 2015 Brett married his wife Katie. They have since bought a house close to the farm where in the future they hope to start a family.